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Star Notary is a one-stop-business shop. We offer business development and creation, document preparation, and electronic notarial services. Instantly create and download personal and business documents. Electronically or remotely sign your documents without leaving your home or office.

One of the fastest growing companies in the industry. We understand our clients needs and have simplified the entire process through our top of the line automation. No one knows your business like you do. Just answer a few questions and let us handle all of the particulars. I means who has time for that. You have a company to run, right?

Our award-winning enterprise is dedicated to the service of our clients. We render the industry's leading portal. We challenge our customers to put their vision to work, and create that company, manage that business and create those documents necessary for success. Our one-stop solution caters to all our customers' needs with around the clock services. Our mission is to support your vision, and that is immeasurable and impeccable.


  • Double taxation (company and shareholders are taxed)
  • Can go public on the stock market (Most C-corps are publicly traded)
  • Can have several classes of stock
  • File company taxes quarterly (usually) and form 1120/1120a annually (similar to the 1040 form for individuals)...
  • Plethora of tax write-offs
  • More paperwork and record keeping (must keep minutes) at board meetings
  • More regulations
  • Usually report finances to state attorney general
  • Managed by board members
  • Owned by shareholders
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  • Income passed through to owners
  • Personal assets protection
  • File taxes once a year
  • Can have 1-100 shareholder
  • Single person can form an S-corp
  • Can only have one class of stock...

* Technically, limited liability companies cannot be publicly traded. However, there is a way for an LLC to structure itself as a partnership and publicly trade ownership interest on a securities exchange.

* An LLC can elect to be treated as a corporation by filing form 8832, Entity Classification Election form. Once the entity has been classified as an association taxable as a corporation, you would then need to file form 2553 to request an S-corp tax election.

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limited liability company

  • Personal assets protection
  • Less paperwork
  • Not taxed on business profits
  • Taxes paid by business owners on personal taxes
  • File taxes once a year
  • cannot be be publicly traded unless structured as a partnership/trade ownership interest
  • Does not have to follow corporate formalities

Benefits of Non-Profit Corporation

Non-profits are a business like any other business, and incorporating provide limited liability protections for the directors. Becoming a corporation will also make it possible for the organization to earn profits. It is not always easy finding volunteers that are willing to offer their time for free, and there are payroll expenses associated with non-profits to keep the organization afloat.

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